Off the Beaten Path

June 29, 2015 Written by

Venturing off the beaten path is key for finding a different pulse in any city. For example, the experience in New York or Paris is bound to be different at Times Square or the Eiffel Tower than smaller streets featuring local flavor and flair. Here are a few unique corners to see a side of Salt Lake you'll be delighted to discover.

Edison Street: Connecting Broadway to 200 South, just east of State Street, is Edison. Anchored by Copper Common, a bar concept featuring hip cocktails, fresh oysters and upscale bar bites is a favorite for post-work drinks for nearby office workers. Speaking of offices, the headquarters for architect firms, the La Porte Group (who are building the Plaza on State Street project, which backs up to Edison) and nationally-recognized creative ad agency Super Top Secret are all here. The secret is out on Diabolical Records, who sell vintage vinyl and new, local music, as well as live shows in their space. A few summers back, Dinner on Edison reimagined this area, beginning with an indoor cocktail hour in a modern office, then serving a five-course meal under chandeliers.

Exchange Place, located mid-block between 400 and 300 South, begins at State Street and ends in a plaza between Salt Lake's original skyscrapers: Boston and Newhouse buildings. Boston Deli and Maxwell's East Coast Eatery are a hot spot around lunch time, though the large trees provide plenty of shade, with the latter providing eats and entertainment into the wee hours. During summer, the Brown Bag Lunch Series, frequents the plaza with live music, filling the plaza with tunes for an hour.

Market Street, home to the eponymous restaurant, is also home to some of downtown's most revered dining locations. The classic New Yorker is one of Salt Lake's longest-running fine dining locations, and the Market Street Oyster Bar and neighboring Market Street Grill, have been flying in seafood from around the country for years. Moving towards Main Street, the former Odd Fellows Hall building at 26 W Market, was originally on the other side Market, relocated during construction of the courthouse. Next door is Takashi, one of the top sushi restaurants in the nation. Diners who sit at the sushi bar may be served by chef/owner Takashi himself. Lastly, Kristaufs Martini Bar and the Melting Pot, a fondue spot, home to countless first dates and anniversary dinners, connects Market to Main Street.

The next great street in the same vein will be Regent Street. With the Black Box theatre entrance to the forthcoming Eccles Theatre on Regent, plus the proximity to City Creek Center, just north across 100 South, Regent will be one active area. Performances will spill out onto the street from the theatre and a festival-like experience will be an anchor to the art and culture scene year-round.