The Downtown Alliance Board is made up of 12 at large representatives who represent commercial property interests in the Central Business District bounded by 300 East, North Temple, 400 South and Interstate-15. Six additional ex-officio members represent the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency, Salt Lake City Mayor, Salt Lake County Mayor, Salt Lake City Council, Visit Salt Lake and Downtown Merchants Association. The Board sets policy objectives and provides oversight for the Downtown Alliance and its affiliated companies and programs. The Board meets monthly. Members also serve on the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors. New members are nominated and elected by the existing Board. Members serve two year terms with an unlimited number of possible terms.

Downtown Alliance Board of Advisors

  • Kim Abrams, Goldman Sachs (Chair)
  • Lloyd Allen, CBRE
  • Matt Baldwin, CCRI (Past Chair)
  • Allison Behjani, Ray Quinney & Nebeker
  • Bruce Bingham, Hamilton Partners, Inc.
  • Nate Boyer, Boyer Company
  • John Dahlstrom, Wasatch Properties
  • Mervyn Arnold, Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
  • Derek Miller, President & CEO, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Abby Murtagh, Hilton (Vice/Incoming Chair)
  • Jim Olson, Utah Jazz / Larry H. Miller Entertainment
  • Linda Wardell, City Creek Center
  • Nico Priskos, Internet Properties 


  • Kaitlin Eskelson, Visit Salt Lake
  • Mayor Erin Mendenhall, Salt Lake City 
  • Barb Guy, SLFS
  • Ben Kolendar, Salt Lake City Economic Development
  • Ana Valdemoros, Salt Lake City Council 
  • Mayor Jenny Wilson, Salt Lake County
  • David Litvak, Salt Lake City


Development Committee: The Downtown Development Committee provides a platform for downtown stakeholders interested in developing and implementing economic development strategies and influencing public policy that enhances downtown's economic prosperity and regional competitive advantage. This group advocates for important issues to improve the ability of downtown Salt Lake City to compete for additional investment and for stakeholders to achieve their property and investment goals. Downtown Development Committee meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month from 8AM-9AM at the Downtown Alliance offices on 175 East 400 South, Suite #600. If you are interested in joining this committee please contact Jessica Thesing at   or 801-328-5045.

The Downtown Merchants Association: The Downtown Merchants Association is a business organization that has been an advocate for Downtown business owners for more than 75 years. It is attended by business owners or their representatives with the goal of discussing downtown issues related to business, getting updates on upcoming relevant events, and creating new ways to develop the downtown business core. It is open to any business in the downtown area, and meetings are held monthly at different business locations. If you are interested in joining this committee please contact Derek Deitsch at or 801-328-5075.

The Downtown Safety & Maintenance Committee: The Downtown Safety & Maintenance Committee meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month from 8AM-9AM at the Downtown Alliance offices on 175 East 400 South, Suite #600. This committee provides an opportunity for stakeholders, business owners, the Salt Lake Police Department, government officials and homeless services providers to come together to stay informed and share feedback regarding safety, cleanliness and homeless related issues in the downtown core. This committee provides a way to connect with various entities to share concerns as well as ideas and advocate for solutions to address these issues. To participate or for more information, please contact Camille Winnie at .