The Downtown Alliance conducts original research, publishes reports and serves as a resource for anyone interested in learning more about Downtown Salt Lake City. Many questions you may have about Downtown Salt Lake City can be answered through our reports on this page, but feel free to contact for additional information or if you have any questions about our reports.

Economic Benchmark

For the past several years, the Alliance has compiled a comprehensive benchmark report that evaluates the state of downtown’s economy. The report evaluates development, employment, office leases, residential, hospitality, retail, culture, transportation and quality of life. We will continue to produce this report to encourage additional economic activity and development downtown.

Marketing Survey

The annual marketing survey polls Utahns about their perceptions and connection to downtown, the types of events and entertainment options they seek, as well as gauging interest in living downtown. With statistics dating back to 2009, these reports help the Alliance, as well as other downtown stakeholders, make important marketing decisions. The sample size is representative of the state's demographic population.

Annual Reports

These annual reports provide a 30,000-foot overview of the programs, projects and accomplishments of the Downtown Alliance for each year. Also included is budgetary information, as well as a list of staff, board members and contributors.

Miscellaneous Reports