Coffee, Cocktails, Poké, Pork and Tiki

May 08, 2023 Written by
Paradise Parlour, a tiki pop-up at Flanker Paradise Parlour, a tiki pop-up at Flanker Photo Credit: Blake Peterson


Who is ready for Water Witch Bar 2.0? The trio behind the 900 south, James Beard-nominated location are expanding downtown. A remarkable location, the hidden and historic Cramer House, part of the recently opened Aster project. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the House was built in 1890 by Christopher Cramer, a Danish immigrant who ran a floral shop. There will be significant upgrades before they’re slinging their spirits. In the meantime, you can anticipate several other developments at The Aster, including a sushi restaurant. 

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Comfortable and cosmopolitan, Cupla Coffee has opened on 200 South next to Homecoming Southern Kitchen–and it is gorgeous! We wandered over on opening day and were greeted like a long-time friend. Cozy furniture, a library wall, great coffee, and genuine, friendly service. What more can you ask for? Yes, we’ll tell you: the two gooey eggs, melty cheese, and smokey bacon on a croissant. 

Doha, Dubai, and Ibiza. Coming soon to Salt Lake, STK, the international celebrity-endorsed steakhouse was teased at the ribbon cutting of phase one of The West Quarter. A clarion call of what Salt Lake residents are thirsty for, The West Quarter opens with Van Ryder, the sexy amber-lit rooftop bar and is complemented by French-themed Adalaide (don’t miss the oysters). 

The “coming soon” sign for LemonShark Poké taunted us for months, then years. We almost gave up hope for the restaurant in The Judge Building, but happy to report the wait is over and reviews are in. The Downtown Ambassadors in the yellow jackets have named it one of their favorite lunch spots and a 4.8 rating on Google Reviews adds to the good publicity. If you’re at Gallivan Plaza, the path to poke is puny. In close proximity is Poke & Sushi Hut, Fresh Fin, and Uncle Shark!

Speaking of The Judge Building, we reported Robin’s Nest had flown the coop at their longtime roost. Thankfully, as the crow flies, they have cracked open in the DP Cheesesteak location on Broadway. People are raven about the new refuge. Don’t miss the turkey and smoked gouda.

Just barely percolating, someone is investing in the Ginger Street location at 324 South State. (Oh, how we miss those chicken tendies). Well-placed sources say it will be an elegant modern Japanese fusion restaurant. Intriguing–we will keep digging. 

Mayor Voss has opened on Edison Street. We’ve loved this airy, light-filled urban gem since Campos Coffee renovated it to rave reviews. Don’t miss the pork belly bao with cucumber and hoisin, hoisted on a soft heated bun.

Speaking of Edison Street and warm buns, HOT BUNS is expected to open in the next month. Ryan Lowder adds to his culinary empire with this walk-up hamburger concept. It is enticing since Copper Onion’s burger is widely regarded as the best in the state. 

Long time readers will surely note this writer’s interest in tiki. (Our previous installment broke the news of Neptune’s Palace coming to The Gateway in June). So, we are delighted to introduce you to Paradise Parlour, a tiki pop-up at Flanker. Renowned, globetrotting mixologist Francesco Lafranconi was commissioned to create the delicate Polynesian libations. These drinks are fun to imbibe, beautiful to look at, and incredibly sophisticated. Stuart at Gastronomic declares, “From the moment you walk through the door, it’s one of the most unique sensory experiences in Utah right now.” High praise!