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DTA Staff

In a recent article by Entrepreneur, Salt Lake City was ranked as the #1 city for startups startups outside of two start-up juggernauts: NYC and San Francisco. The Wasatch Front has felt the effects of tech companies like Adobe calling the Silicon Slopes home and downtown SLC is no exception. Companies like Inside Sales, Experticity, Mastery Connect and many more have chosen to work downtown not only for the potential of physical and economic growth, but because downtown offers amenities that cannot be matched anywhere else in the state at a cost per square foot that is significantly lower than cities of larger or equal size.

See the full list HERE. 

Skyline 005 


August 03, 2015

An Al Fresco Option

Is it true food tastes better outdoors? Judging by the number of restaurants, bars and coffee shops who offer patios for their patrons, we’re inclined to believe there may be some truth to going al fresco. But, with so many patios in downtown, where to begin? Let us be your guide, and we’ll throw in a few quotes from our Facebook followers. In no particular order, if you are looking for:

Date Night Favorites:
Current Fish and Oyster 
Christopher’s Prime Steakhouse & Grill
Copper Onion

After a Twilight Concert:
Tin Angel 

09 26 12 DineORound147

Brunch and Beyond:
Eva’s Bakery 

Linner (hey, it’s almost a thing!):
Olive Bistro

Seeking a skyline view:
Green Pig 
Bistro 222

Tarry Hueffmeier - "Green Pig Pub! Roof top! Happy place!"

09 26 12 DineORound107

Find Me Some Shade:
Caffé Molise 
Poplar St.

Kristopher A. Lundstrom - "Caffé Molise, hands down. Great food and quiet elegance."

Hungry For a Sandwich:
Tony Caputo’s Market
Jimmy Johns

Craving a Slice:
Pie Hole

People Watching:
Cedars of Lebanon
Valter’s Osteria

People Watching on Main St:
Lambs Grill
Atlantic Cafe

Yell “Beer Me!”:
Red Rock

Screen Shot 2015 08 03 at 4.02.08 PM

Business & Pleasure:
Copper Common
Whiskey Street

Don’t Walk - Between Patios:
Beer Bar
Bar X
Johnny’s On Second

Morning Brew:
Beans & Brews 
Cafe 222
The Peoples Coffee

Olivia Brito - "Favorite patio for coffee is Rose Establishment, beautiful flowers and eclectic seating with just the right amount of shade. It's perfect for relaxing with a delicious iced coffee in the summer."

Afternoon Espresso:
Rose Establishment
cafe d’bolla
La Barba 

Beerhive HI RES 011

Craving a Burrito:
Rio Grande Cafe
Cafe Cancun 

Gateway to Food and Fun:
Bout Time
LaJolla Groves
Happy Sumo
Wing Nutz

Shop ‘Til You Drop:
The Cheesecake Factory
BRIO Tuscan Grille
Texas de Brazil
Johnny Rockets

July 28, 2015

Workout Downtown

At first glance, you might not think that downtown SLC has a lot of options for getting a solid workout in. Yoga, gyms, crossfit: downtown has all that, and more. And, if you look closely, you’ll uncover many traditional and nontraditional forms of exercise. Whether you’re just trying to lose a few pounds or sculpting your beach body, here are some accessible options - some hidden in plain sight. As Eric Cartman might say: “Beefcake! BEFF! CAKE!”

Here’s our list of downtown workout options:

GREENbike - With 25 stations at your disposal, GREENbike is the perfect way to see the city on two wheels while getting a good workout in the process. greenbikeslc.org

Robin Julianne on Main Street

Run/Bike City Creek - Located at the base of Capitol Hill, City Creek Canyon offers a quick mountain escape from downtown!

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Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Looking to add a bit of dirt to your run or bike up City Creek Canyon? Turn onto the BST at the intersection of Canyon Road and Bonneville Blvd and trek as far as Bountiful or Hogle Zoo.

11349143 1158306694194968 674408295 n

The Gym at City Creek Center - State of the art equipment, basketball courts, pools and even a juice bar will help get you the body you’ve always wanted! thegymatcitycreek.com

GYM Pool 2

Planet Fitness - This national chain will offer those who might be intimidated by the gym a friendly environment, great equipment at a great price. planetfitness.com

11209443 835587366527051 3564596606796161455 n

Gallivan Plaza - Taking the place of the ice skating rink, there now lies 2 mini tennis courts, a basketball court and ping pong tables. Makes a great lunch hang out spot! thegallivancenter.com

11079021 1557046841241469 208039005 n

Golf Anytime - Located in the Marriott City Center. Golf Anytime offers golfers an indoor range with simulated courses from around the world. golfanytimeusa.com

1390328 246179028875771 2127533316 n

Salt Lake Power Yoga - Some like it hot! Salt Lake Power Yoga specializes in HOT Power Vinyasa Yoga while offering more traditional yoga classes as well. saltlakepoweryoga.com

 11325288 1164320626927958 20336676 n

Sanctuary Gateway - Not only is it a day spa, Sanctuary offers yoga classes, a full service gym and even personal nutritionists! sanctuarygateway.com

10838302 785989741468646 1308851411 n

And last but not least…

Take the stairs! - If you work downtown, taking the stairs up and down from your office is a great way to stay in shape, consistency is the key.

11226818 821228687969645 1191135633 n

The fourth edition of Downtown The Magazine is live, hot off the (digital) press. Read about Micah Peters (cover story), CEO of Clearwater Homes and his vision for downtown living with projects such as Broadway Park Lofts and the Westgate Business Center's transformation to Paragon Station.

Other features include transplants who have moved from around the world to SLC, hot shopping on Broadway, co-working office spaces, exciting developments, stunning architechture profiles and secret gardens.

Also included are stories on the Gateway Rising, by reinventing itself as an entertainment hub, as well as a roundup of summer festivals, new bars, cool patios and restaurants.

Launch the entire digital magazine here: Downtown The Magazine.

June 29, 2015

Off the Beaten Path

Venturing off the beaten path is key for finding a different pulse in any city. For example, the experience in New York or Paris is bound to be different at Times Square or the Eiffel Tower than smaller streets featuring local flavor and flair. Here are a few unique corners to see a side of Salt Lake you'll be delighted to discover.

Edison Street: Connecting Broadway to 200 South, just east of State Street, is Edison. Anchored by Copper Common, a bar concept featuring hip cocktails, fresh oysters and upscale bar bites is a favorite for post-work drinks for nearby office workers. Speaking of offices, the headquarters for architect firms, the La Porte Group (who are building the Plaza on State Street project, which backs up to Edison) and nationally-recognized creative ad agency Super Top Secret are all here. The secret is out on Diabolical Records, who sell vintage vinyl and new, local music, as well as live shows in their space. A few summers back, Dinner on Edison reimagined this area, beginning with an indoor cocktail hour in a modern office, then serving a five-course meal under chandeliers.

Exchange Place, located mid-block between 400 and 300 South, begins at State Street and ends in a plaza between Salt Lake's original skyscrapers: Boston and Newhouse buildings. Boston Deli and Maxwell's East Coast Eatery are a hot spot around lunch time, though the large trees provide plenty of shade, with the latter providing eats and entertainment into the wee hours. During summer, the Brown Bag Lunch Series, frequents the plaza with live music, filling the plaza with tunes for an hour.

Market Street, home to the eponymous restaurant, is also home to some of downtown's most revered dining locations. The classic New Yorker is one of Salt Lake's longest-running fine dining locations, and the Market Street Oyster Bar and neighboring Market Street Grill, have been flying in seafood from around the country for years. Moving towards Main Street, the former Odd Fellows Hall building at 26 W Market, was originally on the other side Market, relocated during construction of the courthouse. Next door is Takashi, one of the top sushi restaurants in the nation. Diners who sit at the sushi bar may be served by chef/owner Takashi himself. Lastly, Kristaufs Martini Bar and the Melting Pot, a fondue spot, home to countless first dates and anniversary dinners, connects Market to Main Street.

The next great street in the same vein will be Regent Street. With the Black Box theatre entrance to the forthcoming Eccles Theatre on Regent, plus the proximity to City Creek Center, just north across 100 South, Regent will be one active area. Performances will spill out onto the street from the theatre and a festival-like experience will be an anchor to the art and culture scene year-round.

March 23, 2015

Retail Therapy

The Gateway, City Creek Center and everything in between. All year long people can enjoy shopping at artesian markets, luxury stores and popular brand stores.

The Gateway (18 N. Rio Grande, shopthegateway.com) is a large open-air shopping center with more than 100 shopping fronts and restaurants, residential and office space. Some of the more notable destinations that call The Gateway home include The Depot, Clark Planetarium, the Megaplex theater, Discovery Gateway children's museum and the Olympic Legacy Snowflake Fountain, which is choreographed to a wide range of incredible music and lights at night.

Gateway 1

City Creek Center (50 S. Main Street, shopcitycreekcenter.com) is the retail centerpiece of downtown Salt Lake City. The center is known for its incredible architectural features, including a fully retractable skylight roof, a sky bridge that extends over Main Street, three electronically controlled fountains, two waterfalls and creek that meanders throughout the center. This open-air shopping center is home to many store fronts that serve a more affluent clientele, featuring retail names like Tiffany's, Rolex, Porsche Design and more. The center also integrates office and residential space that encompasses three blocks of downtown.

08 27 12 CityCreek118

Broadway Bound

Downtown Salt Lake City is home to the popular Gallery Stroll encompassing the majority of galleries and visual-arts related businesses in Salt Lake City with the goal to promote the best art Salt Lake City has to offer. Along with the monthly Gallery Stroll, Craft Lake City, a local charitable organization, hosts several monthly events including the popular DIY Festival, which attracted more than 30,000 people last year.

Ken Sanders Rare Books (268 S. 200 East, kensandersbooks.com) is a full-service antiquarian bookshop that boasts a unique and diverse inventory that is consistently changing. Adored by locals, this shop's appeal lies in the treasures that can be found in every visit. Not all of their 100,000-plus inventory is catalogued online, so if you love the smell and feel of a tangible read (something an e-reader could never fill), tell your inner librarian to "pipe down" and head over to the ever-changing stacks at Ken Sanders. With vintage-inspired and mid-century modern home decor becoming all the rage in recent years, The Green Ant (179 E. Broadway, thegreenant.com) on Broadway has become a trendy hot-spot for the hobbyist interior decorator and seasoned professional alike. They specialize in buying and selling, which means new pieces are coming and going on a daily basis. Every visit is a new and fun experience for shoppers looking for that one-of-a-kind piece.

Ken Sanders Books Moms 001

Looking for a great gift or something fun and new for yourself? Q Clothing (215 E. Broadway, qclothing.com) is a boutique that specializes in environmentally friendly, ecological, affordable and quality fashion-forward clothing for women. Their offerings are always updated with new styles and brands in order to keep up with the high-speed fashion industry. Additionally, Q Clothing offers an extensive selection of women's accessories, including fabulous shoes, hats, jewelry, handbags and more from local Utah designers.

March 10, 2015

All in the Family

The elegant, curved glass case holding shelves of jewel-like Chocolatier Blue confections in the middle of Tony Caputo's Market & Deli is more than just a dazzling display. It's a symbol of one of many audacious leaps Tony Caputo and his son, Matt, have taken together in the past decade or so as they've continued to put downtown Salt Lake's premiere specialty food emporium on the culinary map. "Most of those leaps scared me to death," laughs a not-quite-retired 65-year-old Tony as he eyes the $20,000 case they bought to show off the artisan chocolates. "I thought I wouldn't even live long enough to pay for that case. But after about six months, it was pretty much a break-even. And, when Matt proposed bringing in a $100,000 cheese cave, I told him he was out of his mind! Turns out it was an incredibly far-sighted move. It took a while, but it's paying off, too."

Part deli, part market, Caputo's opened around the corner from its current location in 1997. "And boy, has Salt Lake's palate changed since then," says Tony. "When I first opened, I would never have dreamed of trying to sell even a $10-a-pound cheese. It was just about impossible. Now, people are much more willing to try new things."

Caputos 2

Matt Caputo's path to success took a while to navigate, however. "As a kid, I helped my dad when he ran Granato's (another large Italian deli in Salt Lake), and it was fun," he explains. "But I really started working in high school, learning how to sweep and mop, how to wash dishes properly, stock shelves, all that fun stuff. But that's also when things went south. I got involved in gangs, graffiti, fighting and more fighting. Not good. Then, on a family trip to Greece when I was about 16, everything changed. I felt a visceral, almost tribal connection to the culture. It was incredibly powerful and it made me realize I was pretty much wasting my life up to that point.

Somehow, I made it into the University of Utah and it all clicked in Alan Sandomir's 'Fundamentals of Business' class. I was inspired by so many components of it—especially the cultural/philosophical emphasis. I found myself applying it all to our business. I hit the books really hard and graduated magna cum laude. Not because I'm so smart – it was always about
working really hard."

But Matt's official involvement with the family business was never just assumed. "Early on, my wife and I were both adamantly against Matt coming into the business," says Tony. "Because too many times you see people do a family business just because it's convenient. So even though he expressed huge interest, we were wary. We said he had to graduate from college first. And he did.

After that, there was no arguing that he would do a good job. It wasn't just convenient—in fact, this was probably the least of his options. So at that point, you have to be supportive. He had the passion and we trusted him. When we bought this business and building, the plan was to eventually sell it and go home. That's all changed. Matt just keeps driving it to a higher level."

Today, 34-year-old Matt Caputo is lauded far and wide for his expertise in both chocolate and cheese. Under his direction, Caputo's is nationally recognized as Salt Lake's go-to spot for everything from sublime cave-aged cheeses, a huge, carefully curated selection of artisan chocolate bars, local and imported charcuterie, and an Old-World butcher shop specializing in Utah's best pasture-raised meats. When it comes to hard goods from Italy and southern Europe, Matt hand-selects everything, from the anchovies to the ziti. "And that's the way I like it," says a super proud dad.

CONTACT: 324 W. 300 South, 801-531-8669, caputosdeli.com

Downtown SLC is home to some amazing architecture, food, sunsets, people and more! Each one of these Instagram users brings their own style to profile the unique characteristics of our beloved city!  Here's our top 10 (in no particular order) Instagram profiles to follow for some sweet photos of Downtown SLC:


Downtown SLC may not have the same outlandish furs or Gucci as Park City during Sundance, but it is by no means is quiet. Whether you are looking for shopping, music, dining or drinks: downtown is the place to be if you want to catch some action outside of Park City’s main street. Below is the “locals” guide on how to make the most of your Sundance experience in SLC. 

08030412 City Creek129


Downtown is home to two world-class malls and charming boutiques. Looking for for Hugo Boss, Anthropologie, Nordstrom or Apple? City Creek Center is the place for you. City Creek is open Monday-Saturday from 10:00AM-9:00PM.  From City Creek Center you can hop on the free TRAX train over to the Gateway and find stores like Aldo, Forever 21 and Dick’s Sporting Good’s if you need any last minute gear to hit the slopes. Gateway is open 7 days a week. If you are looking for some local flavor hit Beckett and Robb for custom suiting and menswear or the Green Ant for locally made mid-century modern furniture on Main Street and Broadway, respectively.


Live Music

Kick off your night with a full bar and some free live music at the Salt Lake City Festival Café located in Sicilia Pizza Kitchen on 35 W. Broadway (300 South). Beginning Friday, January 17th and lasting through Saturday January 25th , some of Utah’s best local music talent will grace the intimate venue. Sets start at 6:00PM and 8:30PM on both Fridays and Saturdays and at 8:30 midweek. 


A recent New York Times article “Action Off the Mountains in Salt Lake City” aptly recognized downtown SLC’s renaissance in dining and entertainment. You need not break the bank or adhere to silly dress codes because our restaurants sub pretentiousness for flavor. Hit the Copper Onion for locally sourced new American fare. Staff favorites on the menu are the roasted wagyu bone marrow and ricotta dumplings. Are you an interior decorating enthusiast? Pallet is for you. Designed by cityhomecollective, the restaurant’s décor is inspired by the buildings roots as a creamery loading dock in the early 1900’s. Sample wild boar or short rib ravioli paired with Pallet’s award winning cocktails. Other spots to try are Eva’s, Martine Café, Bistro 222 and Plum Alley.



Heard a rumor that you can’t get a drink in Utah? You wont hear that too often at brunch on a Saturday morning. Whether you are looking for craft beer, wine or cocktails, downtown has some great watering holes. Locals like to hit Beerhive on Main Street, which boasts some 200 plus craft beers on tap and in bottles from around the world. Mosey on up to the ice-lined bar and grab a pint while taking in some of Utah’s brewing history. From there walk over to BTG (By The Glass) Wine Bar where there over 50 wines by the glass using a revolutionary tap system. BTG also features a small plates menu that is meant to complement the robust wine list offerings. If you are in the mood for a cocktail, head over to Bar-X for a speakeasy vibe and unmatched mixology. The bar is partially owned by Modern Family’s Ty Burrell so you just may get to see one of the stars without even venturing up Parley’s Canyon!


A little know fact is that Sundance films are also screened outside of Park City in none other than downtown. You can sample what our wonderful city has to offer and escape the madness of Park City. For tickets and a full schedule go to http://www.sundance.org/festival/tickets/. Another great resource is local blog bestsundancefilms.com, which will help you navigate through the vast offerings that Sundance offers annually. 

Downtown SLC is a welcoming place for all during the Sundance Film Festival. Best of all, you don’t need to be a movie star or celebrity to make it into restaurants and bars.