We're Hiring - Business Development Manager

March 12, 2021 Written by

Position Description: Business Development Manager

In support of the Downtown Alliance mission, the manager supports downtown stakeholders’
success and other Alliance initiatives as assigned. Responsibilities include:

1. Fundraising:
A: Develop and operationalize revenue strategies (i.e grants, sponsorships,
earned-revenue, membership) to support Alliance programs and general
Track federal, state, and local grant opportunities
Draft grant applications and manage all reporting on awards
Maintain a database of all awards and opportunities with application deadlines and reporting schedules
Manage fulfillment of reporting requirements

B: Establish fundraising goals for events and annual campaigns
Manage fundraising outreach, funder relations, communications, and
deliverables for all sponsorship opportunities.

2. Communication Support:
a. Under the guidance of the Communications Director, manage professional
communications with downtown property owners, developers, businesses, and
other organizations.
i. Track and publish development and construction projects
ii. Track and publish downtown data trends
iii. Develop communication templates for committees, sponsorship
opportunities, events, presentations, other
b. Ensure stakeholders have accurate and timely information about downtown
development, business events and development, and relevant municipal
c. Maintain a current database of all stakeholder contact information.

3. Merchant support:
a. Manage communications with downtown merchants and venue operators
b. Collect and publish relevant information to support stakeholder’s success
c. Develop and operationalize initiatives to promote restaurants, bars, and retailers.

4. Construction Mitigation:

Manage the Alliance’s construction mitigation efforts with all
impacted user groups.

5. Special Project Management:
Manage and/or support events, and projects to meet the
needs of stakeholders and the organization. This includes, planning, execution, and
staffing events at the direction of supervisors. Events may be scheduled outside of
regular business hours and full participation is expected.

6. Other Duties As Assigned
Work assignments may change due to unforeseen
circumstances based on direction from the supervisor.

Core Competencies:
The ideal candidate shall demonstrate the following competencies and experience:
● Managing stakeholder groups and committees
● Excellent written and verbal communications; presentation skills
● Fundraising
● Customer relationship management tools
● Project management: prioritization, planning, budgeting, tracking, reporting
● Interpersonal skills for collaborating with colleagues and partners
● Understanding of basic commercial real estate development
● Understanding of retail development, management and marketing
● Familiarity with and passion for downtown SLC’s commercial, cultural and entertainment
This position reports to the Urban Affairs Director of the Downtown Alliance and coordinates
efforts with the Marketing and Communications Director. The manager also ensures that activity
is coordinated in concert with the SLC Department of Economic Development.
This position, and all Alliance team members, support various events produced by the Alliance,
The Blocks, Farmers Market and Salt Lake Chamber. Event work is required on site and is often
outside of regular business hours. Full participation is expected.

Education and experience requirements:
B.S. or B.A. from an accredited college or university
5 years of experience in the competencies above

About the Downtown Alliance:
The Downtown Alliance is a 501c6 nonprofit organization dedicated to building a dynamic and
diverse community that is the regional center for culture, commerce and entertainment. Our
team works with stakeholder groups, builds programming and partnerships, promotes downtown
businesses and events, and advocates for policies that enhance the economic vitality of
Downtown Salt Lake City. Downtown Alliance is a business line of the Salt Lake Chamber.
Contact Info: Please send resume and cover letter to: