Achieving the American Dream... One Sandwich at a Time

March 05, 2020 Written by

At lunchtime on a recent Friday, the line at Toasters (30 E. Broadway) snaked through the deli and out the door, enticing every passerby with savory aromas of gently toasted sandwiches and wraps. Diners were busy digging into their gourmet sandwiches, salads and specialty coffees, meanwhile attentive staff helped each customer to pick out the perfect mid-day meal.  

From the outside, this seems like your standard success story: Toasters is one of many fast-casual restaurants that have sprouted up downtown, with unique decor, friendly cashiers and food that is a cut above the quality of standard fast-food fare. But at Toasters, the story goes far beyond the food and ambiance. It’s an opportunity to experience the true American dream.

In March of 1996, Enes Huskic, owner of Toasters, left war-torn Bosnia and immigrated to America looking for a better life. With his city left in shambles, the broke 24-year-old ended up in Salt Lake City hoping to create a new prosperous path. He started with random jobs in the restaurant business. While working in the food industry, Enes had the opportunity to open his own deli. To make this happen, he took the next two years to polish his English skills and worked in construction to earn and save money. In June 2002, the first Toasters (151 W. and 200 South) opened.

Shortly after the first shop opened, he met his future wife Mubera. Using Enes’ sandwiches as the foundation of their business, they worked together to bring a European approach to the corner sandwich shop. Originally, the deli sold grilled, panini-type sandwiches made of locally baked bread, fresh vegetables and high-quality meats and cheeses. Over time, the menu has grown from just sandwiches to wraps, salads, bagels, locally roasted coffees and European candies and snacks. Enes felt at home with this new endeavor, since he grew up behind the counter working in his family business.

Just as the menu has grown and evolved, so has the business. Toasters has three downtown locations, one in Cottonwood Heights and a fifth shop opening in Millcreek later this year. It is not surprising that Enes and Mubera also built a loyal workforce of over 30 employees. They credit their staff for the restaurant’s popularity based on its reputation for outstanding food and customer service.

Downtown’s energy, diversity, workforce and growth provide the perfect hub for Toasters. Enes thrives on the hustle and bustle and enjoys greeting new and loyal customers. His enthusiasm for his employees and products is palpable. His quick wit and kindness make anyone feel welcome in his shop.

Utah’s vast mountains are another reason why Enes ended up here. The Wasatch reminds him of the area of Bosnia that he grew up in. When Enes and his family are not working, they love to ski, mountain bike, hike and fish. Utah is his paradise - whatever you want to do, Salt Lake is the place.