Downtown Alliance Legislative Watch 2020

February 20, 2020 Written by

The Downtown Alliance, with the support of the Salt Lake Chamber policy team, is monitoring the following bills through the legislative session.

Bill and Title Sponsor Summary Position Status Taskforce

HB 32 - Crisis Service Amendments

Rep. Eliason

Directs the Dept. of Health to apply for a Medicaid waiver to allow for inpatient mental health treatment.

Increases the grant program for mobile crisis outreach teams in counties of the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth class.  

Creates a Behavioural Health Receiving Center pilot program and the “statewide warm line.”

Support Committee

  Health Care


HB 52- Intergenerational Poverty Solution

Rep. Thurston Creates the Earned Income and Education Savings Incentive Program, which provides a process for an individual experiencing intergenerational poverty to receive a state match of deposits into certain 529 savings accounts. Support Committee



HB 131- Rent Control Jurisdiction Amendments

Rep. Dailey-Provost Repeals provision prohibiting a county, city, or town from enacting an ordinance or resolution that would control rents or fees on private residential property. Oppose Committee   Housing   Affordability

HB 147- Division of Real Estate Amendments

Rep. Mussleman

Increases the fee for an application for registration of subdivided lands from $50 to $100.

Creates a strict liability standard for violations of the division of real estate licensing code.  

States that it is a violation of a real estate education license or real estate mortgage license to be convicted of a crime of dishonesty whether or not it is related to the business of real estate.


House / 3rd Reading

 Business   Climate

  Housing   Affordability

HB 155 - Homeowner Association Provisions Amendments

Rep. Acton

Requires that before selling a housing unit that is within the jurisdiction of a housing association, the grantor shall provide a copy of the homeowners manual and any associated fees.  

Expands the information that homeowner associations must provide to the Department of Commerce in order to register (governing documents, report of fees, information about the maintenance of reserve funds).

Requires the Department of Commerce to publish educational materials related to homeowner associations on its website.

Monitor House / 2nd Reading   Housing   Affordability

HB 185
 - Tax Restructuring Revisions - Repeal

Rep. Gibson Repeals the recently passed Tax Restructuring Revisions.  Monitor  Governor signed   Business   Climate 

HB 203 - Beer Delivery Program

Rep. Spendlove  Creates a beer delivery license.  Monitor  House Rules 

 Business   Climate



HB 211
 - Renter Expenses Disclosure Amendments

Rep. Judkins

Requires an owner of a residential rental unit to disclose expenses to a potential renter before accepting an application or an application fee.

Prohibits an owner from charging a renter under a rental agreement an amount that was not disclosed in the rental agreement unless the tenancy is month-to-month. 

Monitor  Committee - Held    Housing   Affordability 

HB 215 - Occupational Restrictions Amendments 

Rep. Stoddard  Allows an employee of a restaurant licensee who is at least 18 years of age to notify patrons of the availability of alcohol to purchase.  Support  House Rules    Business   Climate 

HB 223 - Statutes of Repose and Limitations Amendments 

Rep. Musselman 

Provides that a breach of contract or warranty action involving improvements to real property must be brought within three years of the day on which the breach is discovered.  on real property within the six-year statute of repose for contract and warranty actions.

Provides an improvement that is required to be made by warranty must be brought within six years of the completion of the improvement.  If a provider is required to complete an improvement after six years, an action must within two years of the refusal to complete the improvement. 

Monitor  House / 2nd Reading 


  Real Estate 

HB 226 - Storm Water Permitting Amendments 

Rep. Snider  Enacts the Storm Water Permitting Act, which prohibits government entities from requiring stormwater permits related to construction, directs that stormwater containment be studied, and requires the  Division of Water Quality to report on the study of stormwater containment.  Monitor  House Rules 

  Environment   and Natural   Resources

  Real Estate

HCR 7 - Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Congressional Action on Medicare Drug Prices 

Rep. Harrison  Encourages the United States Congress to provide Medicare with the policy tools necessary to negotiate significant reductions in the prices it pays for prescription drugs.    House / 2nd Reading    Health Care 

SB 23 - Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Amendments 

Sen. Bramble 

Allows the division to issue an administrative fine up to $1,000 for each instance of unlawful conduct.

Removes the responsibility of offering opinions regarding the interpretation of a code from the Uniform Building Code Commission. 

Allows active duty personnel to waive licensing fees for licensure renewal.

Removes good moral character provisions for many licensed professions.

Adds a definition for “approved hair design apprenticeship.” And allows for hair design licensure through an apprenticeship. 

Removes aiding and abetting from unlawful conduct related to engaging in activity without a license.  

Exempts the State Superintendent for the Utah State Developmental School from licensure as a health facility. 

Defines architectural “incidental work” if done by an engineer. 

Allows the release of information from the controlled substances database when it is released as part of a criminal prosecution.  

Specifies that the division may not provide more than one hearing panel for each alleged medical liability case against a healthcare provider. 

Monitor  Senate / 2nd Reading 

  Labor and   Employment

  Business   Climate

  Real Estate

SB 39 - Affordable Housing Amendments

Sen. Anderegg 

Appropriates $20,000,000 one-time and $10,000,000 ongoing to the Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund.

Allows a community reinvestment agency's housing allocation to be put towards the acquisition, construction or rehabilitation of income targeted housing outside of the community if the housing is located along or near a transit investment corridor that services the community.

Authorizes the Housing and Community Development Division to partner with one or more housing authorities or other entities to provide rental assistance.

Authorizes the division to partner with the State Board of Education and one or more housing authorities or other entities to identify and to provide rental assistance to families with children who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness.

Allows low-income housing tax credits to be assigned to another tax payer; and modifies the distribution of excess money in the Unclaimed Property Trust Fund. 

Support/Priority  Senate / 2nd Reading 

  Housing     Affordability



SB 68 - Mental Health Counselor Licensing Amendments 

Sen. Weiler  Permits a clinical mental health counselor to satisfy licensure requirements if they can show Board certification as a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor from the National Board of Certified Counselors.  Support  House / Received from Senate 

  Health Care

  Labor and     Employment 

SB 89 - Mental Health Services Amendments

Sen. Thatcher 

Creates the Mental Health Services Fund administered by the University Neuropsychiatric Institute to help provide mental health therapy, access to evaluations, coordination of short-term care, and to develop a system to access information and referrals for mental health therapy for qualified individuals.

A Qualified Individual is an individual who is referred for mental health therapy to the University Neuropsychiatric Institute by a mental health therapist, a crisis worker, based on the individual's call to a local mental health crisis line, or the statewide mental health crisis line. 

Support  Senate / 2nd Reading 

  Health Care


No bill yet    This initiative would allow municipalities RDA taxing authority.  monitor     
DCFM evaluation of Rio Grande Depot for future uses Rep. Handy  DFCM appropriation for evaluating the Rio Grande Depot building for future uses including a permanent public market.  Urban Food Connections of Utah and Downtown Alliance support this appropriation. UFCU would like to operate a full-time public market (farmers and makers market) in the Rio Grande Depot building.  Support