Remembering Twelve Downtown Moments from 2019

December 19, 2019 Written by Dee Brewer

Dee Brewer, Executive Director, Downtown Alliance

In 2020 I think we will be astonished by the pace of our capital city’s dramatic evolution. New workers, new residents and new businesses will move downtown and over two million square feet of new space will be under construction to support this unprecedented growth. Additionally, iconic Temple Square will begin a massive renovation. As we step forward into 2020, please allow the Alliance a quick glance over our shoulder at 2019 to celebrate twelve moments of downtown progress, planning and realization.

farmers mkt

The 28th season of the Farmers Market drew over 200,000 visits to downtown.


Mayoral candidates Luz Escamilla and Erin Mendenhall debated the issues making history as two female candidates vied for the Mayor’s seat.


Construction began on the 95 State tower.


Unrestricted access was restored on Rio Grande Avenue after three new and improved resource centers were opened to serve people in need of shelter and services.


Art flourishes downtown! And THE BLOCKS built a phone app so you can learn more about public art and murals that adorn our streets. Edison Street by Chris Peterson is our newest large-scale mural.


Mayor Jackie Biskupski welcomed the United Nations Civil Society Conference to SLC.


City leaders explored Austin for learnings about tech development, night-time economy opportunities, public-private partnerships and transportation.


Over 100 stories of residential construction were announced at four projects on Main Street, State Street and 300 West.


Downtown leaders celebrated Downtown Achievement Award winners: Tin Angel, Artspace and Excellence in the Community.


City nights! Choose a night: Twilight Concerts, Last Hurrah!, Festa Italiana, Living Traditions, Urban Arts Festival or one of a hundred other events!


Each day, our street ambassadors helped dozens of people in need get to shelter and service providers, they helped business owners keep their neighborhoods clean and safe, and they helped visitors find their way to restaurants and shopping.

convention hotel

And last but not least, on December 30, financing is scheduled to close on a 700 room convention center hotel enhancing Salt Lake’s appeal for city-wide high-spend conventions.