Almuerzo Feliz con Tacos (Happy with Lunch Tacos)

January 30, 2017 Written by

It’s like a blank canvas—warm corn or flour tortillas. Inside these circular edible envelopes you’ll find whatever inspires Chez Chef. From spicy al Pastor and mind-melting cabeza to succulent citrus shrimp and sizzling chicken, you have plenty of options. And the fixin’s are just as diverse as the proteins.

Salt Lake City has been gifted with tons of tenacious taquerias so you can up your lunch game. Whether you are on the go and need a utensil-less snack or you want to pair your meal with a salt-rimmed margarita, options abound downtown.

Taqueria 27
There’s a ton of buzz about “T27” (as many simply call it), and for good reason. Choose from culinarily creative the taco and guacamole of the day, sample an extensive list of 100-percent agave tequilas, and get loco with mole platters. But if you must prioritize, don’t miss the bevy of bodacious tacos, because that’s what put T27—now with three locations—on the map. 149 E. 200 South, 385-259-0940,

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Tacos never seemed so swanky as they do at the upscale Mexican-themed Alemexo. After you begin your meal with a serving of guacamole assembled tableside, you’ll be dying to dig into the tacos. Generous servings of chicken, pork, or beef, arrive at your table in hot iron skillets. The construction is your creation, and you however you roll, you surely won’t be disappointed. Don’t miss $1 tacos on “Taco Thursday’s,” served in the Alamexo bar weekly. 268 State, 801-779-4747,

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Taste of Red Iguana
Red Iguana, the staple serving up “killer Mexican food,” is more synonymous with Salt Lake City to some outsiders than, say, Temple Square or the Greatest Snow on Earth. Yes, this award-winning restaurant’s grub has people talking, and they’ve became so popular, they opened up several locations, including the cafeteria-style eatery in City Creek Center. Get hot, fresh, and fast tacos like Taste’s cumin-crusted halibut tacos while you’re on the go—less waiting, more tacos. City Creek Center, 28 State, 801-214-6350,

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Taco Taco
The owners of Taco Taco love tacos so much, they used the word twice to name this downtown taqueria. According to the restaurant, it is “celebrating the tradition of millenary cuisine symbolic to the boldness of the Lucha libre gladiators.” It’s hard to dispute that, honestly. With its simple ingredients of the highest quality that make for epic tacos, you’ll find yourself at Taco Taco ordering double of everything. Vegetarians can nosh on squash blossoms, while carnivores can bite into chicken mole negro, carne asada, and more. 208 E. 500 South, 801-428-2704,

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Tacos de Brazil
While the taco is traditionally a Mexican dish, this amazing little street cart gives tacos loads of Brazilian flare. For starters, the turmeric in the rice is a nice touch, and the Brazilian-spiced al pastor is a must-try, especially for the price of $1 per taco. There’s some tasty fish tacos, and with black or pinto beans and kale, even vegetarians can walk away satisfied. 160 E. 300 South, in front of the DWS building.

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Gateway Cart
Whether you work on the West side or you find yourself on a shopping spree at The Gateway during the lunch hour, Taco Hidalgo is your must-stop spot for tacos. Known for its scrumptious asada, this cart also serves up heaping breakfast burritos, if that’s more your thing. Find a shady perch and wash it all down with a Mexican Coca-Cola. Located in front of The Depot at the corner of 400 West and South Temple, 801-903-9868