5 Benefits of GREENbike

November 18, 2015 Written by

Even if you never ride a GREENbike, the program makes your commute easier and air cleaner, at an average cost of less than a few dollars per household per year. Here are five benefits to Salt Lake residents:

1. GREENbike has removed more than 1.3 million vehicle miles from local roads.

  • Decreasing traffic congestion for autos.
  • Less cars on the road reduces road maintenance costs.

2. Inversion diversion

  • Removing 1.3 million vehicle miles equals cleaner air for everyone.

3. It's one of the most cost-effective forms of public transportation.

  • One mile of roadway costs $90-100 million.
  • One mile of light rail costs $50-80 million.
  • The entire GREENbike system was built and operated for three years with about $1million in tax investments.

4. GREENbike offsets a majority of costs with private sponsorships and ridership revenue.

  • 39% of revenue is raised with private sponsorships.
  • 17% was collected via ridership revenue. Only 44% has come from local and national tax dollars.

5. Improved community health

  • GREENbike users have collectively burner 19 million calories. That’s 62,376 cheeseburgers!

This month GREENbike reached 100,000 rides for the year; a milestone that set a national ridership record. Of the 70 automated bike-sharing systems in the U.S, no other system that directly charges users for service has reached as many rides so quickly, and with as few bikes.

Listen to an interview with GREENbike director Ben Bolte to hear more.
Listen to the interview here.