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Downtown Rising

Downtown Rising is an evolving vision for the future of Downtown SLC. The vision includes creating character districts, signature projects, and shared ideas about shaping the future of our vibrant city.

A Shared Vision

A great state deserves a great capital city. A dynamic emerging region deserves a vibrant urban center. Based on the Second Century Plan, Downtown Rising captured the regional aspirations and development priorities for Salt Lake City.

This is Utah's capital city and it belongs to everyone. Downtown Rising is a shared vision for a great American City that embraces art, culture and education. It envisions a community that is welcoming, green and international. Downtown Rising celebrates the relationship between a dynamic metropolitan center and the success of the entire region. It is a commitment to our future.

The Process

Led by the Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance, the Downtown Rising process was launched in 2006 as a business-led collaborative effort to create a bold and exciting long-range vision for downtown Salt Lake City. A broad cross-section of the community worked together to create, communicate and cultivate a unified vision for a shared urban center complimented by surrounding suburbs and exurbs.

A group of conveners, comprised of prominent leaders from Salt Lake City's business community, were called upon to lead the downtown rising effort.

Mike Allegra Doug Dansie Alex Ikefuna John Njord
Scott Anderson Palmer DePaulis John Inglish Dave Oka
Neil Ashdown Spence Eccles Allyson Isom Randy Park
Pamela Atkinson Jeff Edwards Clark Ivory Vasilios Priskos
Doug Barber Clint Ensign Ellis Ivory Keith Rattie
D.J. Baxter Bob Farrington Phil Jordan Ellen Reddick
Lane Beattie Jerry Fenn Bill Knowles Holly Robb
Scott Beck Jason Foster Ted Knowlton Jim Robson
Curtis Bennett Stephanie Frohman Debbie Kotter-Barkley Jeff Rossi
Bruce Bingham Mike Gallegos Leah Ann Lamb Brenda Scheer
Cynthia Bioteau Jack Gallivan Brent Lawrence George Shaw
Roger Borgenicht Kem Gardner Martin Lewis Dean Singleton
Nancy Boskoff Greg Geilmann Dan Lofgren Shane Smith
Jake Boyer Kelly Gilman Brent Low Robert Spendlove
Roger Boyer Natalie Gochnour Steve Lundgren Alice Steiner
Carlos Braceros Rick Graham Alan Matheson Ben Teran
Milt Braselton Robert Grow Frank Matheson Steve Tyler
Michael Budge Tom Guinney Joseph Mayo Vicki Varela
David Burton Jack Hammond Alison McFarlane Mark Vlasic
Dale Carpenter Dell Loy Hansen Peter McMahon Rich Walje
Peter Coles Tim Harpst Larry Miller Jim Wall
Lew Cramer Dennis Haslam Prescott Muir Walker Wallace
Chris Crowley Mark Howell Bill Nelson Chuck Ware
Wes Curtis Bob Hueffner Dianne Nielson Russell Weeks
Bill D’Evelyn Margaret Hunt Kerry Nielson Brian Wilkinson