Survey Shows Positive Perceptions of Downtown

Wednesday, 07 November 2012 09:57


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Respondents note options & variety, as well as City Creek Center, for reasons to visit downtown.

Salt Lake City (October 26, 2012) – A state-wide survey of downtown Salt Lake City shows positive perceptions among Utahns, as well as an increased connection with the capital city. The data compares results from studies conducted in each of the past four years.

The research overwhelmingly pointed to a large choice in options and a variety of experiences, which can only be found downtown, as the driving force for visitation to the Central Business District. Dining remains the primary motive for visiting the city center, as well as shopping, nightlife and religious activities.

City Creek Center's opening in March spurred a renewed interest in visitation to downtown. The new outdoor mall was many residents' initial reason to visit downtown. Additionally, 45% of City Creek diners and shoppers went on to discover new business outside the City Creek boundary, creating a "spill-over" effect of new patronage.

When asked if their perceptions of downtown had improved in the past 12 months, over 60% noted an improvement. A majority of those surveyed also felt a stronger connection to downtown – an important ownership to their capital city.

Parking was highlighted as the main deterrent for a visit downtown, although 60% did agree parking is more available than a year ago, as well as becoming more convenient within that time frame. A majority of respondents have experience with the cities new meters – one of many changes to the parking program downtown. The Downtown Alliance has partnered with the Salt Lake City on an education outreach program to explain the new changes to parking, as well as implementing strategies for a more positive parking process.

Light House Research conducted the telephone poll of over 400 Utahns in coordination with downtown-based Richter 7 who donated services to help direct and compile the research. The poll was conducted in August and September of 2012, and has a 4.89 margin of error. The annual benchmarking poll was initiated in 2009 to measure regional attitudes about Salt Lake City's downtown.

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