• STORY BY VIRGINIA RAINEY | PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRENT ROWLAND It's almost impossible to narrow Salt Lake'
  • Broadway Bikes
    Change is the one constant, and it is always welcomed with open arms. The first statement is true.
  • Millennials and City Building
    I'm attempting to write an article about the millennial generation (those born between (1982 – 2000)
  • Libations 101
    by Alison Flanders / Utah Heritage Foundation With over 25 local beer and winemakers, Utah has come 
  • State of Downtown
    Highlights include: Overall perceptions of Salt Lake City, by all Utahns, has reached an all-time h
  • Summer in the City
    Last weekend I had one of the best experiences of my life at the opening day of Downtown Farmers Mar


Downtown dwellers enjoy all kinds of perks. There are lots of fantastic restaurants, tons of entertainment options, and a unique, diverse group of neighbors. Whether you want the charm of an older home or the contemporary, urban amenities of a new development, downtown SLC has the perfect place to hang your hat. You'll also be able to find all kinds of service within a few blocks, from places of worship and financial institutions, to gyms and spas.