• Retail Therapy
    The Gateway, City Creek Center and everything in between. All year longpeople can enjoy shopping at
  • All in the Family
    The elegant, curved glass case holding shelves of jewel-like Chocolatier Blue confections inthe midd
  • A Tale of Two Skylines - A Call To Action
    Downtown Salt Lake City is the regional center for culture, commerce and entertainment in the Mounta
  • The Gardens at Temple Square
    The welcoming gardens at Temple Square provide a much-needed escapefrom the hustle and bustle of dow
  • Getting Around
    THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO MOVE AROUND downtown SLC. If you're driving, save some time,hassle and money,
  • Healthy Utah
    Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid coverage now extends to all adults with incomes at or below


Downtown dwellers enjoy all kinds of perks. There are lots of fantastic restaurants, tons of entertainment options, and a unique, diverse group of neighbors. Whether you want the charm of an older home or the contemporary, urban amenities of a new development, downtown SLC has the perfect place to hang your hat. You'll also be able to find all kinds of service within a few blocks, from places of worship and financial institutions, to gyms and spas.