"I Am Downtown" Video Contest

Friday, 02 November 2012 16:59
Published in Downtown Life
Written by  Nick Como

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Great, but what the heck are you going to buy with a thousand words? That's a rhetorical question, by the way. Video: now, that's where the money is at – at least in downtown SLC for the lucky winner of a $5,000 grand prize.

The face of Downtown Salt Lake City has changed dramatically in the past several years. Each person and every place has a story to tell. Harvard Economic Professor, Edward Glaeser, once prophesized that "Cities are the absence of space between people". But, it's the stories that take place in those spaces that give a city and its residents an identity. We want to see yours by June 17.

We have no idea what we will find or what will come of these user-submitted videos. This is the most fun and exciting part. Downtown means different things different people. This contest aims to find out what downtown represents to individuals and show their connection with the people and physical space of downtown.

We invite professional and amateur videographers alike to compete and tell their downtown story for a cash prize offered by the SLC Downtown Alliance. The point is simple: contestants are asked to define/interpret/explain the phrase "I Am Downtown" in a short film. The only guidelines are to be creative and unique in telling an unexpected story centered in the downtown area. What's the catch? You only have up to 100 seconds.

The shorter lengths can level the playing field between professionals and amateurs as the focus of the films must be the emotional connections to a story and the people in it, rather than elaborate special effects. Independent filmmakers, due to budget or equipment limitations, are forced to focus on a story that can move an audience. We hope to see profound stories like those filmmakers capture year-round at film festivals Salt Lake City is home to.

See all the rules and submission guidelines at

Past Contest Submissions:

I Am Downtown Videos

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5 Comments from
1# From User:Steve Bateman Time:10-12-2012 19:27:32
Message:No one's photos represent SLC better than Ai Levy! Good Luck Ai.
2# From User:James Hardy Time:27-12-2012 17:26:53
Message:With out doubt, Brett Chappuis' film underlines the amazing history of downtown SLC, capturing not only the present and modern downtown we all know and love, but he also evokes in his words images of the past, of a desert solitaire. Cheers!
3# From User:Carrie Hoffmeister Time:09-12-2012 19:26:43
Message:What time on mon are the contest enteries due?
4# From User:Cameron Perry Time:09-12-2012 21:49:25
Message:Exited to see some of the entries!
5# From User:Nick Como Time:10-12-2012 17:56:00
Message:The deadline is Monday night at Midnight (Very early Tuesday morning would be OK too). Good luck!